Cyclocross is all about messing about with bikes in a safe and fun environment. We’re now running dedicated sessions for children to do just that during the school holidays. Each day runs from 10:00 – 15:30 and costs £35/day. The focus is on FUN and developing confidence and skill on and off the bike. It is NOT about racing each other up hills and seeing who’s fastest!

Example activities

  • Cornering – balance, weight distribution and looking for grip on different surfaces
  • Dismounting and remounting – confidence performing this skill on both sides of the bike will have them running rings round their opponents!
  • Ruts – like an inverted balance-beam on a bike (harder than they look!)
  • Bunnyhopping – at the outset it is an achievement to get each wheel over a small obstacle but we can take them right up to 40 cm boards when they are ready!
  • Basic bike knowledge (e.g. knowing if their tyres are at the right pressure, putting a chain back on, checking the wheels are secure)

Age range

The camps are aimed at ages 8-14. We can accommodate younger children (down to 6 years old), however, it’s a long day of cycling and so you should plan to accompany them or be available to pick them up early if necessary.

CX skill level awards

We are trialing an award scheme for cyclocross (a bit like swimming level certificates), so your child will come home with a booklet showing what they have done, along with what skills they might want to develop or move on to, and maybe even a ‘Certificate in Recognition of Skill’!

The people

The camps are led by Alex Forrester (author of The Cyclocross Bible). All coaches are qualified with British Cycling (which includes training in safeguarding children in sport). 

Signing up for a camp

Camps are currently suspended due to the coronavirus. We hope to be able to run in autumn half term, and will post details here.

Please contact if you have any questions about the camps.

The venue

Charlton Sports and Leisure Centre is the venue for the Andover Supercross and offers some excellent and challenging terrain on which to have fun honing our cyclocross skills. We pretend not to be bothered by rain but the pavillion is warm and dry if it gets really bad!