Unless you are of an extremely benevolent persuasion or have never ridden a bike (in which case I would suggest this page isn’t for you) there will have been a day when you decided to see how fast you could go: the start of your racing career. Most people experience this day as a young child and and remember it only because of the injuries sustained rather than for the feeling of challenge and sense of victory or defeat they experienced before impact. The stories of champions winning their first race: doing “19 minute 10’s” or winning the local road race simply aren’t true. We start racing well before those organised events and whether it is seeing who can ride the fastest up the road, jump the furthest off the ramp or go the fastest down the hill, once you’re on two wheels it is impossible not to consider what you could do on them, where they might take you. The next step is to consider how you might do it faster the next time…

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