Below you will find links to footage of professional cyclocross races that demonstrate the techniques explained in the book.

Mud (p46-49) & Sand (p95-98)

The Koksijde round of the 2015-16 World Cup is an absolute classic. Watch the power meets balancing act as the riders try and stay in the sandy ruts. Then see the race-winning, fore/aft, side-to-side, weight-shifting, power hover through the last section of mud:

Cornering (p49-65), short, steep hills (p70) & ditches (p94)

The course of the final round of the Superprestige series at Middelkerke is a particularly twisty one, with some tight turns at the base of steep banks. There is also a ditch just before the finishing straight where some riders show off a bit of manualling. A sharp drop into a sandy section adds some interest too. The 2015 race was a real nail-biter, with the winner unclear right till the end.

MVDP put on an off-camber downhill cornering masterclass at the 2016 Druivencross. The clip below starts at the top of an off-camber descent leading to the corner examined on pages 62-65.

Bumps, jumps, ditches & rollers (p93-95)

The Leuven course is riddled with ditches (the images on p94 are from this race). There are also treacherous downhills and a few rollers.

More bumps, jumps, ditches, and lots of rollers at Loenhout:

Short, steep climbs (p70)

The 2017-18 World Cup course at Bogense was based around a viscously steep bank along the Danish coast. The clip below starts as the riders approach a seemingly un-rideable ‘run-up’. Some riders give it a go, some dismount effectively part way up, some are beaten completely by the bank, but MVDP ‘projects’ himself to the top (see page 70) and conquers it in the end. Keep watching for some off-camber downhill action, and a van der Haar comedy of bunnyhopping.

Long climbs (p71)

You need to decide if it’s better to run or ride some climbs – play to your own strengths. The long climb at Gavere changes each year. In the 2014 Superprestige race, only a few could ride. While riding looks to be a bad idea early on the climb, note how much of a struggle it is for the runners to remount and the riders gain time here.

In 2015 there were more riders than runners:

Barriers (hopping and running p81-90)

The 2016 Superprestige Elite Men’s race at Gieten was another exciting battle between Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel. Over the barriers, Wout shows great dismount/remount technique, while MVDP has mixed fortunes hopping. The clip below starts at the first passage over the barriers. We see the good, the bad and the ugly of both styles!

(this feed also has the women’s race if you rewind)